Open Event Invitation
Spiritual Heart Activation
Venue: Glastonbury Town Centre, Town Hall, Magdalene St, Glastonbury BA6 9EL
Date & Time: Sunday, 27th October, 2019 1:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Keynote Speaker:
Sufi Master
HH Younus AlGohar

Sufi Master His Holiness Younus AlGohar is the CEO and Co-founder of the Messiah Foundation. He holds masters degrees in Islamic Studies, Microbiology and Physical Chemistry from the Urdu Science College (Karachi) and the University of Manchester.

Sufi Younus AlGohar grew up practising Sufism (Islamic mysticism) but his thirst for the path was never quenched until his destiny led him to meet his Spiritual Guide, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. He learnt spirituality and performed transcendental meditation under the personal supervision of HDE Gohar Shahi. Aided by his compassionate heart and brilliant mind, Sufi Younus AlGohar swiftly progressed on his spiritual journey to becoming the representative of HDE Gohar Shahi. He was thereafter appointed by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi to serve humanity with the transformative knowledge, message and energy that HDE Gohar Shahi entrusted to him.

Sufi Younus AlGohar has been travelling the world ever since, visiting people of all faiths to share his unique energy, methods and message without discrimination or preconditions.

Sufi Mentor
Reverend Steve Bell
President Messiah Foundation United Kingdom

Steve Bell grew up practising Catholicism and always felt a deeper yearning for a personal connection with Lord Jesus Christ.

Steve recalls, ‘As a child, my love for Lord Jesus was very strong and comforting. I also felt an overwhelming love and adoration for our Lady Mother Mary. I often dreamt of Lord Jesus visiting my room and taking me by my hand up to the moon and stars where we would sit and look down on the Earth and talk’.

He joined the Messiah Foundation in 2006 and received the Activation of the Heart with open arms. Since then, Steve has been genuinely devoted to his spiritual progress and at the same time, his heart overflows with the desire to take this mission to every corner of the globe.

For the past decade, Steve has been striving tirelessly in the way of love. He has visited countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cyprus and Israel to share the immense energies and love in his heart with people of all backgrounds.

The first Sufi Mentor in the Messiah Foundation, Steve Bell is a perfect example of divine love today. He is certified to grant the Activation of the Heart and perform spiritual healing with the blessings of HDE Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ.

President Messiah Foundation USA

Azucena is a self-realised being, a light worker, healer and an Initiator to the spiritual sciences of Light and Frequency of the Heart. Her mission is to reconnect the physical body with the divine current of light and sound.

Well recognised as an expert in the spiritual, mental, emotional health. She has aided thousands of people with emotional problems, depression and suicidal tendencies. She has helped people experiencing spiritual difficulties by expediting their spiritual process. She also conducts seminars and retreats on spirituality, yoga and meditation.

A great visionary and a seer, she holds the key which opens the portals to other dimensions, past lives, and the Akashic records of nature. Through her blessings, she cancels all karma from past lives and prepares the body for ascension.

Why? Because the new golden era is here.

Leaders in Action for Global Transformation
If you are a leader this conference is for you!

This is a conference to inspire conscientious leaders of a wide variety of practices to engage in dialogue, sharing ideas and expertise, to enliven a sustainable balanced practice of humanity.

My mission is to actively seek, gather and inspire individuals, groups, organizations, companies, corporations and countries to cooperate synergistically in creating harmony amongst our global society through the synergy of psycho-spiritual and scientific technologies.

My purpose is to build a network, an association of individuals worldwide to serve the greatest good of all populations.

This new association is humanity’s turning point to a new golden era and it has pure open-hearted motives that will shine transparently. We are building a truly empowered, egalitarian, purely democratic, and caring global community, at all levels, managing the essential infrastructure for sustainable living and development of future technologies.

We are building the momentum of uniting the leading spirits of the awakening community into a unity of group mind aligned actions to accelerate and maximize possibilities of the spiritual evolution of our planet.

We are building a global community that truly presents collaborative solutions for any and all dysfunctional systems, demonstrating harmony among the people and the planet.

A world system of trading, preserving and blending in optimum contribution that is fair and equal to all populations is impertinent now for the survival of humanity and all entities great and small on this planet.

  • Engage in dialogue with your favorite speaker
  • Share ideas and expertise
  • Together we can enliven a sustainable balanced practice of humanity for the survival of humanity
  • Each of these leaders will be talking about their particular project that is part of this vision.
  • This will be your opportunity to contribute and join to help make these wonderful visions of awakening reality
  • This is a conference to gather leaders of a wide variety of practices
  • Create a world system of trading and living that which is fair and equal to all populations

What is Messiah Foundation Intl.?

The Messiah Foundation International is a global movement aiming to unify humankind through the applied spiritual sciences introduced by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. We promote spirituality, not any particular religion. We believe everybody has the potential, the spark of divinity - and spirituality is the key to igniting it.

Divine love, mutual respect, tolerance and interfaith harmony are not just pleasant words or elusive ideals. With the help of spirituality, they become a practical way of life. Our mission is to show people how spirituality can truly transform their lives and change the world for the better.

What We Stand For
  • Humanity is the greatest religion. You cannot claim to love God if you hate humanity.
  • Divine love is the core and gist of all religions. All religions are like different highways but the destination is God.
  • All human beings are equal in the eyes of God. Regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, culture or gender.
  • Everybody has the potential to reach divinity. Period.
What to Expect at a Messiah Foundation event
Every Messiah Foundation event is different, but here is what you can expect when you attend one of our programmes:

Talks by Community Leaders

We invite spiritual and community leaders from different faith groups to speak at our events. A delegate from the Messiah Foundation also addresses the audience during this portion of the programme.

Group Meditation

Everybody is invited to gather in a circle and recite sacred names and mantras together to raise our collective frequency.

Free Spiritual Healing

Delegates from the Messiah Foundation offer a free one-on-one healing session with members of the audience where they spiritually transfer energy to treat physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments.

The Heart Activation Ceremony

A unique method introduced by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, the Heart Activation Ceremony is performed by our ministers to awaken and energise the heart chakra with powerful divine energy. Read more about the Heart Activation Ceremony here.

The Ring of Love

Audience and speakers join hands in a joyous celebration of love, harmony and togetherness with song and dance.

The Spiritual Heart
The Heart Activation Ceremony

According to various spiritual practices, there is an entity that sits near the physical heart - the heart chakra - or as we call like to call it, the Spiritual Heart.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi explains that the Spiritual Heart is dormant unless you awaken it. Once awakened, the Spiritual Heart becomes the divine gateway, expediting you on your journey to higher consciousness and divinity. The Heart Activation Ceremony is one of the methods used to awaken the heart.

How it works?

The Spiritual Heart needs positive energy to revive it. In the Heart Activation Ceremony, a Spiritual Minister or Guide spiritually transmits a divine name into the Spiritual Heart, giving it the positive energy it needs to be activated.

Thereafter, a divine name is synchronised with the beating system of the heart. Just as rubbing flint and stone together produces a spark, the constant repetition of a divine name in the heartbeats produces divine energy. The Spiritual Heart becomes a generator and the divine name repeated within it becomes the crude oil that fuels it. This converts the Spiritual Heart into a never-ending source of energy.

Since the Spiritual Heart is closely linked to the physical heart - and the heart pumps your blood - divine energy begins to circulate the body through the bloodstream once the Spiritual Heart is awakened. Eventually, this powerful energy reaches all the chakras and souls and energises them, unlocking your hidden spiritual potential!

Spiritual Healing of the Souls
Free Spiritual Healing

Everything has a vibration and energy, from the ground we walk on to the food we eat. In recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of the detrimental effects of allopathic medicine and seeking natural alternatives to heal their minds, bodies and souls.

The principles of spirituality tell us that every organ in the body has its own specific energy. When that energy is lost for any reason, the affected organ starts to malfunction. There are certain herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be eaten to treat an ailing organ, but spiritual healing focuses on restoring the lost energy.

A spiritual healer appointed by the Messiah Foundation works by sending divine energy from their Spiritual Heart to the affected part of the body. The divine energy serves as a remedy to replace any form of lost energy.

Group meditation
The Power of Mantras

Group meditation is an important part of the Messiah Foundation spiritual practice, where members from all walks of life come together to lend their voices and energy to the recitation of sacred names. Not only is this a practical expression of unity, but a way to raise the vibration and send out positivity collectively.

‘Any name of God is worthy of respect and it directs one towards God.’ - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

Whether it be God, Elohim, Jesus, Isa, Abraham, Moses, Mohammad, Allah, Bhagwan, Ram, Krishna, Om or any other sacred name, we recognise, honour and respect them all.